January 2021 Minutes

         Twin lakes Association Meeting
January 26, 2021
7:00-900 pm
Via Zoom

The TLA board met for a zoom meeting on Tuesday night, January 26 to discuss a number of issues.  Board members present included three of the four Officers:  Grant Bogle, President, Bill Barton, Senior Vice President, and Jean Bell, Treasurer.   The following Directors were also present:  Jackie Blombach, Jeff Bravin, Terry Cohen, Carey Fiertz,  Rich Haupt, Dan Kadlec, Susan Knight, Blake Morrison, Eric Stoer, and Danny Vogus. 

Those unable to attend included Pat Miller, Secretary, Dave Haab and Justin Meyer.

In addition to the board members, invited guests included Peter Neely (who, along with his wife Kathy, conduct the water quality sampling for East Twin), Russ Conklin who is a resident on West Twin, Mark June-Wells and Larry Marsicano, both from AER, the firm the TLA hires to interpret data regarding lake health and management. 

The meeting was called to order slightly past 7 pm. 

Interpretation of the Water Quality Reports from AER:  The first item of business was to review the latest water quality report just published (available on the TLA website) as well as the 2017 water quality report and management plan (also available on the TLA website).  Mr. Marsicano and Mr. June-Wells reviewed a series of slides that looked at historical data regarding lake temperature, oxygenation, nitrogen and phosphorus levels and water clarity.  Overall, the water quality continues to be quite good in East Twin, but there are signs of aging.  Recommendations include continuing to monitor the water quality each year, to use chemicals in a targeted fashion and to conduct pre-treatment surveys each year before application of any chemicals.  The TLA currently follows each of the practices outlined above. When asked if they believe ProcellaCor would be a better herbicide for the lakes, both AER representatives enthusiastically endorsed its use.

In addition, a discussion ensued about the benefits of extending water quality monitoring to West Twin, which was discontinued in 2011.  AER recommends that the TLA commence water quality testing consistent with the process and test parameters used in East Twin.  Russ Conklin volunteered to take the measurements monthly.  The board was generally in support of the proposal and it was agreed that a full budget should be prepared, including the cost of the testing equipment (a one-time expense) and the monthly charges for the sample analysis.  This will be submitted to the board for review in the next month to six weeks.  If approved, testing would begin in the spring. 

Finally, a short discussion ensued regarding the causeway environmental remediation project proposed by Mr. Keenan.  Mark June-Wells was asked to clarify whether or not the 2017 report was intended to review the impact of the causeway on lake water flow or other parameters.  He indicated that it was not designed to look at this issue and that additional studies specifically to look at this issue and others would need to be conducted. 

Updating the Salisbury Town Ordinances Regarding Safe Boating:  As previously discussed, given that the Salisbury ordinances regarding boating on Twin Lakes have not been updated for decades and given the increased use of the lakes along with advent of new boating craft and activities, Mr. Bogle asked for volunteers to form a board committee to work with the town to update the regulations.  Volunteers were asked to submit their names to Mr. Bogle via email post the meeting.

Proposed Updates to the Inland Wetlands Commission Regulations:  The state has updated the IWC regulations and as such, the IWC for Salisbury must update their regulations to be consistent with the state regulations.  In addition, there has been work from members of the IWC and representatives of Lakeville Lake to add additional regulations that would affect many in the TLA community.  The Board reached out to Curtis Rand, our First Selectman and asked that before any updated regulations are formally proposed, that we (the TLA board) have time to review them and to make comments.  Curtis is aware of this request and has committed to work with us.  It our understanding that the town has slowed down the process of proposing new regulations so that the new town administrator, Abby Conroy, can get up to speed and to decide upon how to address the need for greater community input.  This is an issue that the TLA board will continue to monitor.

Dues, Communications and other Business:  Mr. Kadlec updated the board on the dues paying process via our new website.  We have received great feedback from board members who have paid via the new website and Mr. Kadlec is actively incorporating tweaks to the process as we work out the operational kinks.  In the next few weeks, a communication will be sent to the TLA membership to encourage that they pay their dues via the website so as to streamline the administrative process.  We will also spend time educating members on the importance of filling out the membership form in the process of paying dues and/or making a donation. 

Finally, Mr. Kadlec explained that we are exploring the installation of a live webcam to be affixed to a tree on SS Road that would look out across East Twin and stream live pictures of the lake to the TLA website.  We think this will be of interest to members of the TLA community and is not an expensive service to offer.  Once we have a specific proposal, it will be brought back to the board for a vote.

A question was asked if the town were aware of the clearing being conducted at 495 Twin Lakes Road.  The answer is yes and we understand that the owners have received the appropriate permits. 

The meeting adjourned at 9 pm. 

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