August 2020 Minutes

         Twin lakes Association Meeting

 August 8, 2020

 Meeting called to order at 10:03 outside at Isola Bella by President Carey Fiertz with masks and social distancing mandated for attendance.  Fiertz indicated he received 44 proxies and there were approximately 50 members in attendance, which meets the quorum threshold for voting purposes. 

Thanks were given to Jeff Bravin and the ASD for hosting the meeting. Further, Justin Meyer was thanked for coordinating Twin Lakes Day that was ultimately canceled by the ASD because of the COVID pandemic.    

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Bell indicated she has received $6,375 in dues and $9,930 in donations.  We have two CDs, each with $46,000 invested.  Prior expenses reported $2,400 for beaver control, $1,375 for web expenses, $75 for directory assistance, and more. 

MEMBERSHIP:  Knight reported a rough count of 370 members which is higher than usual.  The directory is near completion and should be available by month end.  A question arose as to distribution and if it could be sent out as a PDF.  Other options included mailing or pick-up at the Marina.  No decision was raised. 

WEBSITE:  Dan Kadlec is working on our website and continues with the periodic newsletter.

Fiertz thanked the herbicide treatment team for their efforts and indicated that ProcellaCor will be used on South Shore Road and is commonly used for recreational area purposes.  MOTION by Silliman to spend up to $10,000 for weed control. UNANIMOUS.  MOTION passed.

BYLAWS:  Per Fiertz, several changes have been made to the bylaws.  Specifically, the Executive Committee is now known as the Board of Directors.  An added clause provides indemnification to the fullest extent permitted by law on behalf of the TLA, its directors and officers for actions taken on behalf or at the request of the Association.   MOTION and UNANIMOUS approval by membership. 

NOMINATING COMMITTEE:  Barton, Bogle and Knight endorsed the following:


                                              President.  Grant Bogle

                                              Senior Vice President:  Bill Barton

                                              Treasurer:  Jean Bell

                                              Secretary:  Pat Miller

                                              Directors:  Jakie Blombach, Jeff Bravin, Terry Cohen,

                                                                Carey Fiertz, Dave Haab, Richard Haupt,

                                                                 Blake Morrison, Dan Vogus, Dan Kadlec,

                                                                 Susan Knight, Justin Meyer, Eric Stoer


MOTION to accept Board as presented.  UNANIMOUS.

It was noted that Louis Fox and Jack Silliman are stepping down from the Board after many years of service.  Each was thanked and  will receive an engraving of the lake once they arrive from the supplier.

Committees will include:

Lake Management: Bill Barton,    Jackie Blombach, Jeff Bravin, Terry Cohen, Carey Fiertz, Dave Haab, Rich Haupt and Blake Morrison. 

Legal:  Dan Vogus, Carey Fiertz, Jean Bell

Communications & Membership:  Dan Kadlec, Jackie Blombach, Terry Cohen, Susan Knight, Justin Meyer, Pat Miller

Science and Education:  Jackie Blombach, Terry Cohen, Eric Stoer

External Relations:  Jeff Bravin, Bill Barton, Grant Bogle, Carey Fiertz

Per Dan Kadlec, there were more than 60 entries with the winners being Jennifer Dublin and Dtween1962.  Since the latter is unknown by the reported name, assistance is requested from anyone who can provide info. 

With no further business to come before the meeting, it was adjourned at 10:51 AM.

Pat Miller, Secretary

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