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2020 East Twin Report

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Snail Report 11/20

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Treasurer’s Report

Nearly 300 Twin Lakes Association directories were distributed to members on the Taconic Green on Saturday, Aug. 22. Our thanks to membership chair Susan Knight for organizing the directory and, along with Terry Cohen and Rich & Jodie Haupt, handling the distribution. … Read More

New Board Installed

TLA members keeping their distance at the annual meeting With 40-plus proxies in hand and a similar number of attendees, the Twin Lakes Association achieved a quorum and approved a number of changes at the annual meeting Aug. 8. The pandemic was only one … Read More

Twin Lakes Day Canceled

Twin Lakes Day has been canceled due to the pandemic and concerns the event might contribute to the spread of the virus. But the annual meeting will be held as planned, at 10 a.m. on Aug. 8 at Isola Bella. For a look at proposed … Read More

Annual Meeting Agenda 2020

Twin Lakes Associationwill hold its 2020 annual meeting outdoors at Isola Bella on Aug. 8 at 10 a.m., adhering to social distancing guidelines. There is a full agenda and we encourage members to attend. We need a quorum to conduct … Read More

Rules for Annual Meeting

It sounded like a sea plane but it was a fan boat treating for weeds June 29, and the pictures below (from the marina) illustrate the results. Before After       An in-person quorum is needed at the Aug. … Read More

Call for Photos

Clayton Durning welcomes additions to his “free wall.” (story below) Some excellent photos are trickling into the Twin Lakes Association account on Instagram. You can view them at any time by searching the hashtag TLAphoto2020 on your Instagram account. Two $50 prizes will go … Read More

What to do About Black Bears

This black bear on a porch on Twin Lakes was tagged for capture Sightings of black bears around the lakes have become common, as is the case through much of rural Connecticut. In some instances the bears are tagged, which means … Read More

Agenda for June 13 Meeting

To practice social distancing, the Saturday, June 13 meeting of the Twin Lakes Association will be held via Zoom. The board has a full agenda, including an update on treatment for the Eurasian milfoil and curly-leaf pondweed that choke parts the lakes. … Read More