Call for Photos

Clayton Durning welcomes additions to his “free wall.” (story below)

Some excellent photos
 are trickling into the Twin Lakes Association account on Instagram. You can view them at any time by searching the hashtag TLAphoto2020 on your Instagram account. Two $50 prizes will go to the photographers of the best “nature” photos taken during the 12 months ending July 31, 2020. Submitted pictures may also be incorporated on the new TLA website, which is under construction. One prize will be for best picture submitted in all age groups; the other for submissions by people 16 and under. Please spread the word. This contest is open to TLA members and their friends and family. Winners will be declared at the Aug. 8 TLA meeting.
Here is how to enter: This is an Instagram-based contest. No exceptions. You will need to open an Instagram account and follow @twinlakesassociation. You must post your photo to your Instagram account and tag #tlaphoto2020. All entries will appear on Instagram under that hashtag. We encourage you to post your best shots all summer.
Separately, we are soliciting your best photos from any period for possible use on the new website. We need beautiful pictures that depict all aspects of lake life, from boating, tubing, and skiing to fishing, celebrations, natural beauty and wildlife. Please send only your very best photos of this type to Photos sent to this email will not be considered for the contest unless they are also posted on Instagram.
Lake treatment day is today, June 29. Signs were posted last week and as of this morning a small boat was to be crisscrossing the lakes applying herbicide to the invasive milfoil that infects both East and West Twin. This year, there are no restrictions on swimming, boating, and fishing. In the past, the lake has had to close for a day. You must avoid drinking lake water until July 2 and irrigating until July 4. Water must not be used for livestock until June 30.
Treatment was long overdue, as we missed the 2019 season due to errors by our long-time contractor. It took a considerable effort by TLA leadership to select a new contractor and assist in obtaining the necessary permits. We reached out to State Rep. Maria Horn and State Sen. Craig Miner, and engaged lobbyists who work on behalf of the American School for the Deaf, to get the Department of Economic and Environmental Development moving on this issue.
We are using two chemical herbicides: Diquat, the same product we have used for over a decade, and ProcellaCor, a new product to be used along South Shore Road in East Twin. The Twin Lakes region contains a number of endangered species, so the state strictly regulates where we are allowed to apply certain chemicals. ProcellaCor, recently approved for use in Connecticut, kills milfoil at the root. We hope to use it more widely in the future.
A “free wall” has gone up on South Shore near Twin Lakes Road. You may have seen it. Clayton Durning (pictured above), a college student, built the wall much like one at his school. We were curious about it and asked Clayton to explain. Here is what he told us:
Our free wall at 148 South Shore is an inspiration from the free wall outside my dorm. The free wall at school is essentially a massive school-wide bulletin board and shared canvas. It allows students, teachers, and community members a space to express themselves artistically as well as provides a platform to get out a message to everyone in the community. Upon being sent home due to the pandemic, I missed the opportunity to practice my tagging and look at other people’s artistic doodles. 
I decided to build my own free wall in my backyard, with the help of my dad, so that myself and anyone else could have a place to express themselves. Our free wall (that means it’s your free wall too) is an invitation to anyone to share a message, doodle, story, joke, or anything you wish.  Our free wall is an exercise in impermanence and not taking yourself too seriously. It is open to anyone. Self-proclaimed artists and casual doodlers can find a space for expression on our wall. There is only one rule: no hate speech. Otherwise, express yourself! Be casual, be free, and have fun. (BYOM: Bring Your Own Materials!)
Nice job, Clayton. We’d love to hear from others when something new or interesting happens around your part of the lake.

We are hard at work designing a new TLA website. Much of the content on the current website will be kept. But it has been years since this site was updated. Everything will be reorganized and become easier to find and be more readable. The new modern look will incorporate our newly designed logo (pictured nearby), and dozens of photos. We are counting on TLA members to offer recent top-notch pictures for consideration. Email them to Our hope is that the TLA website becomes a go-to resource for the community. Look for it later this summer. 
Isola Bella is taking on a new role this summer. Because of the pandemic, the American School for the Deaf has canceled sleep-away camp. In its place will be a four-day day camp July 16-19. We wish ASD and its campers the best as they adjust to the new environment. Each year, Camp Isola Bella welcomes deaf and hard of hearing campers ages 8-17 from across the country to participate in archery, jet skiing, paddle boarding, swimming, hiking, camping, arts & crafts, and literacy activities. 
The camp traditionally accommodates 120 campers each summer over three sessions. It is so popular that there is a wait list. To meet this demand, ASD plans to add cabins and renovate existing space. Fundraising is underway. ASD hopes eventually to accommodate  an additional 75 campers each summer.

We remind the community, and ask you to inform visitors and friends, that Isola Bella is private property. While there will be less activity at the camp this year it remains off-limits due to legal and other concerns of ASD, which has noted several instances of dangerous or disruptive activity on its grounds this year.

We still have unpaid members and encourage all to pay dues and update personal information as soon s possible. Just click on the appropriate button below
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