Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes July 11, 2024

Minutes of the Twin Lakes Association Board Meeting July 11, 2024 Present on Zoom:   Grant Bogle, Dan Kadlec, Jackie Blombach, David Mathus, Russ Conklin, Jean Bell, Rich Haupt, Eric Stoer, Adam Mayer, Jack Mahoney, Bill Barton, Erica Cohn Grant opened … Read More

Meeting Minutes June 22, 2024

Grant opened the meeting at 10 AM by thanking Jeff Bravin and the ASD camp staff for allowing us to hold the meeting at Isola Bella the day before camp opens for campers.   In attendance were ~90 members which … Read More

Meeting Minutes June 11, 2024

Attending: Grant Bogle, Russ Conklin, Rich Haupt, Dan Kadlec, Bill Barton, David Mathus, Eric Stoer, Jean Bell, Jackie Blombach, Carey Fiertz,  Danny Vogus,  Erica Cohn Jessica Swartz, Sharon Auvalasit, Jack Mahoney, all three nominees for TLA board roles, joined the … Read More

Meeting Minutes May 21, 2024

TLA Board Meeting Tuesday, May 21, 2024 Noon-1 pm EST.   Via Zoom In attendance: Russ Conklin,Rich Haupt, Jean Bell, Dan Kadlec, Grant Bogle, Eric Stoer, Adam Mayer, Dave Mathus, Danny Vogus, Jackie Blombach, Carey Fiertz, Jeff Bravin, and Erica Cohn … Read More

Meeting Minutes April 11, 2024

NOTES FROM TWIN LAKES ASSOCIATION MEETING APRIL 11 – 8:00 am Present: Peter Neely, Russ Conklin, Bill Barton, Grant Bogle, Carey, Fiertz, David Ma<hus, Rich Haupt, Adam Mayer, Jean Bell, Jeff Bravin and Jackie Blombach, Dan Kadlec WATERSHED STUDY: Peter … Read More

Meeting Minutes Feb. 6, 2024

TLA Board Meeting February 6, 2024 Noon-1:30 pm Via Zoom Present: Grant Bogle, Rich Haupt, Eric Stoer, Russ Conklin, Carey Fiertz, David Mathus, Dan Kadlec, Dan Vogus, Jackie Blombach, Adam Mayer, Bill Barton, Pat Miller, Jean Bell, Erica Cohn Grant … Read More

Meeting Minutes Dec. 21, 2023

Attendees:  Grant Bogle, Bill Barton, Jean Bell, Jackie Blombach, Erica Cohn, Jeff Cox, Russ Conklin, Carey Fiertz, Dave Haab, Rich Haupt, Dan Kadlec and Adam Mayer Notes from the Meeting: Russ Conklin shared the status of the year end reports … Read More

Meeting Minutes Nov. 15, 2023

In attendance:Grant Bogle, Jean Bell, Erica Cohn, Rich Haupt, Eric Stoer, Russ Conklin, Dan Vogus, Jackie Blombach, Blake Morrison, David Mathus, Jeff Bravin, Carey Fiertz, Adam MayerPurpose of the meeting was to check in with previously targeted areas in need … Read More

Meeting Minutes Oct. 12, 2023

TLA Board Meeting Minutes October 12, 2023 4-5:00 pm Via Zoom Attendees:  Bill Barton, Jean Bell, Grant Bogle, Russ Conklin, Erica Cohn, Carey Fiertz, Rich Haupt, Dan Kadlec, Dave Mathus, Adam Mayer, Blake Morrison, Eric Stoer, Danny Vogus Meeting called … Read More

Meeting Minutes Sept. 26, 2023

TLA Board Meeting Tuesday, September 26, 2023 5-6 pm. Via Zoom Attendees:  Bill Barton, Jean Bell, Jackie Blombach, Grant Bogle, Erica Cohn, Russ Conklin, Carey Fiertz, Dave Haab, Rich Haupt, Dan Kadlec, Eric Stoer, Danny Vogus Hydrilla Update:  Russ reviewed … Read More