TLA Letter Seeks Funds to Battle Hydrilla

  The Twin Lakes Association board has released the following letter regarding the escalating costs of lake management, including efforts to eradicate the invasive hydrilla plant. The letter will go out to a broader community of lake goers in coming … Read More

The Hydrilla Threat 1 Hydrilla represents a new and potentially devastating risk to the Twin Lakes. It is believed to have come to East Twin on a visiting boat and so far has been spotted only near the marina. This weed is most … Read More

Past Photo Winners

winner 2021 … Read More

April 2021 Minutes

TLA Board Meeting Minutes April 21, 20217-8:45 pm Attendees: Grant Bogle, Bill Barton, Jean Bell, Carey Fiertz, Susan Knight, Jackie Blombach, Terry Cohen, Rich Haupt, Dan Kadlec, Blake Morrision, Eric Stoer, Danny Vogus Not Present: Jeff Bravin, Dave Haab, Justin … Read More

February 2021 Minutes

Minutes of the TLA Board meeting February 24, 2021 Attendees:  Grant Bogle, President; Bill Barton, Senior Vice President;  Jean Bell, Treasurer, Susan Knight, Membership; Carey Fiertz, Immediate Past President, and Directors:  Jackie Blombach, Jeff Bravin, Terry Cohen, Rich Haupt, Dan … Read More

News Item 1

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