Causeway Kerfuffle

West Twin homeowner Jeffrey Keenan has begun to explore removing part of the man-made causeway that juts into the water and, at its end, houses a decaying gazebo familiar to kayakers and others who frequent that section of the lakes. His project faces hurdles, including approvals needed from the Nature Conservancy and numerous other state and local regulators. Community support and resistance for the project have been documented in the local media, including this edition and this edition of The Lakeville Journal, and this interview and this interview with Marshall Miles on Robin Hood radio.

Even though the Twin Lakes Association has no authority in the matter, we have an interest in anything related to the health of the lakes. Keenan and his conservation consultant, Tim Abbot, who is guiding a scientific review, gave the TLA board a detailed presentation of the project in mid-December. He is also sharing environmental impact reports that he commissioned at his expense in anticipation of seeking approvals. Keenan invites email inquiries at

The TLA board welcomed Keenan’s presentation, after which the board agreed to support his continuing exploration of a project that we believe may benefit the lake ecosystem. The review will take many months and there will be ample opportunity for community input along the way. Next up is a “show cause” hearing with the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission in January. The board is not taking a position for or against the project. We support further fact finding and encourage members to stay informed. To that end, we have created a page on the TLA website where we will post updates related to the proposed causeway remediation.

Here is the full TLA statement, which can also be found on the TLA website: “As an association that is dedicated to ensuring the long-term health of Twin Lakes, the TLA is supportive of efforts that may have long-term benefits for the lake ecosystem.  The TLA board recently met with Mr. Keenan and his environmental consultant, Tim Abbot, to discuss the environmental restoration proposal which would ultimately involve removing approximately 20% of the manmade causeway.  Based upon the information we reviewed and assuming the proposal can meet all the scientific, legal, regulatory hurdles and will result in a net positive benefit for the lake ecosystem, we support the continued exploration of this project with the Nature Conservancy and appropriate state and local regulatory bodies. As we have always done, we intend to engage with the TLA membership and community residents to facilitate the exchange of fact-based information in a thoughtful, reasoned manner.”

If you have photos of the recent snow storm or other winter shots showing the beauty of the region after the leaves have fallen, we’d love to see them. The best shots will be featured on the TLA website. Please email to

The latest snail report from Aquatic Ecosystem Research came to the board in November. It showed little change in the number and variety of snails in the lake since the 2015 snail survey. The full report is on the TLA website under News>aquatic reports.


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