July 2021 Meeting Minutes

Board Members Present:  Grant Bogle, Jackie Blombach, Jean Bell, Bill Barton, Terry Cohen, Russ Conklin, Carey Fiertz, Rich Haupt, Dan Kadlec, Eric Stoer, Danny Vogus

Board Members Unable to attend:  Pat Miller, Dave Haab, Justin Meyer, Susan Knight, and Blake Morrison

Meeting was called to order at 7 pm.

Lake Management:  Bill Barton provided an update on the lake treatment that was applied last week.  Bill also informed the board that the rare plant study is being conducted this week and that the results from the study will help inform future approvals of areas that are acceptable for treatment with herbicides.  In the fall, we intend to proactively reach out to the DEEP to discuss how we can better manage our lake management plans so that the issues encountered the past several years in terms of timely permit approval can be avoided.

Finances:  Jean Bell provided an update on both income and expenses YTD.  Both remain consistent with prior years once the earmarked donations for weed harvesting on West Twin is removed.  Membership YTD is approximately 370 which is also consistent with prior years.  Jean will provide a complete report at the upcoming Annual Meeting.

Education:   Jackie Blombach showed the Board a brochure entitled “Protecting your Waterfront Investment – 10 Shoreland Stewardship Practices” that contains important, practical steps that lakefront homeowners can take to help preserve the health of Twin Lakes.  We have ordered several hundred copies of the brochure and will distribute it at the Annual Meeting and post it along with other useful links on the TLA website.  Going forward, Jackie proposed that we invite speakers knowledgeable about key lakefront conservation practices to our meetings with the membership and spend some time educating each other. 

TLA Bling:  We have ordered shirts and hats with the new TLA logo and hope to have them for sale at the upcoming Annual Meeting. 

120th Twin Lakes Day:  The brochure for Twin Lakes Day has been distributed to homes around the lakes, is posted in the TLA website and will be included in an upcoming newsletter.  We hope all can join in the festivities on Saturday, August 7 beginning at 12:30 pm on Isola Bella.

Photo contest: Dan Kadlec said we have fewer entries this year. But there is still a week before cutoff and what entries we have are quite good.

Meeting adjourned promptly at 8 pm.





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