Meeting Agenda

The June 19 membership meeting for the Twin Lakes Association is set for 10 a.m. at Isola Bella. This will be an in-person meeting with no Zoom attendance. The meeting will take place rain or shine in the campground pavilion. Here is the agenda:
Welcome: Grant Bogle
Committee Reports: finance (Jean Bell), membership (Susan Knight), lake management (Bill Barton), communications (Dan Kadlec), science and education (Eric Stoer)
Camp Isola Bella Update: Jeff Bravin
Proposed Wetlands Commission Regulations: Grant Bogle
Lake Safety/Noise: Grant Bogle
Coming Events: Annual Meeting and Twin Lakes Day on August 7. July is Libraries Love Lakes Month. We will discuss how the lake community can engage.
Other business

As part of his presentation, Jeff Bravin, executive director of the American School for the Deaf and a TLA Board member, will provide an update on the school’s plans to renovate certain camp facilities and add beds to accommodate more campers in coming years. He will discuss ways the lake community may wish to support the renovation, as we did with the 2013 renovation of the Isola Bella tower. After the meeting, ASD staff will be on hand to take interested parties on a tour of the grounds and facilities.

Bring your checkbook to the membership meeting if you have not already paid 2021 dues and prefer to settle that way. We have many unpaid members, and you must be paid up to have a voice and a vote. You may also pay in advance on the TLA website.
The volunteer workday has been postponed. We had announced a litter collection effort for June 19, following the membership meeting. But that has been scrapped for a variety of reasons, not least being that other groups have been picking up trash around the lakes since winter and our roadways are largely litter free. We welcome ideas for a TLA volunteer workday later in the summer. Contact
The TLA board met on June 10 and approved $3,000 of expenses related to water testing. A larger expense related to weed harvesting was put on the agenda for member action on Saturday.

The board had a lengthy discussion about loud music and safety issues on East Twin and agreed to investigate options to minimize the disruption. Dave Haab, a TLA board member and operator of O’Hara’s Landing, said he would work with the rest of the board on the noise issue but cautioned that he has limited ability to enforce rules and emphasized that excessive noise is a police matter.

We expect that First Selectman Curtis Rand and a representative of the state police lake patrol will attend the membership meeting. If you have concerns about noise or safety on the water this would be a good forum to voice those concerns while town authorities are present.

In any event, we encourage all members of the lake community to document excessive noise and unsafe activities with a video or snapshot identifying the offending boaters and share this documentation with the TLA board at and with state police at

For more details about the board meeting view 
the minutes posted on the TLA website.
With the summer season in full swing, we remind TLA members and friends to capture your family reunions and celebrations with photos and submit them to this year’s photo contest. Enter by posting your pictures on Instagram under the hashtag “#tlaphoto2021”. If you need help submitting, reply to this email for assistance.

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