Meeting Minutes July 19, 2023

TLA Board Minutes

July 19, 2023

Attendees:  Jackie Blombach, Eric Stoer, Jean Bell, Bill Barton, Rich Haupt, Russ Conklin, Jeff Bravin, Dan Kadlec, Carey Fiertz, Danny Vogus, Erica Cohen, and Grant Bogle

Meeting called to order at 5 pm. 

Lake Management 

Bill, Russ and Grant provided the board an update on the permit status, the requirements of the NDDB determination letter and plans for additional rare plant studies this season.  While the permit has yet to be issued, Jeff Bravin was able to get an update from a contact he has at DEEP that it is moving along through the various departments required and we hope to secure the official permit shortly.  Once the permit is received, the actual treatment is likely to be about 7-10 days later due to the notice period and scheduling. 

We also discussed the data requirements as specified in the NDDB determination letter.  This will require more thorough rare plant studies which will need to be conducted twice per season going forward.  The total cost of these services is estimated to be about $25K per year.   DEEP confirmed that George Knoecklein, Ph.D, is a “qualified aquatic biologist” and that they will accept his studies regarding rare plants when evaluating where we may use herbicides.  This is important as it may, over time, allow for more treatment options, especially in West Twin.

Finally, we spoke to George about the algae in the lake this season and he confirms that it is Filamentous Green Algae.  While not toxic, it is unsightly.  The amount of algae present this year reflects a growing nutrient load in the lake, which is not good for the long term health of the lake.  There are no simple solutions.  Homeowners should take steps to eliminate the use of fertilizers and reduce runoff into the lake through installation of natural buffer zones, etc.  A good deal of information can be found on the TLA website as to steps each homeowner can take to reduce the impact of their home on lake health.

Water levels

 While at historic high levels, they have begun to drop in both East and West Twin.  We would expect that the lake level will drop ~I inch per day unless we get more rain…which will offset this decline.  Fred Schmidt is monitoring the situation and the gates at the lake exit are fully open.


Eric, Jean, Jeff Cox and Jeff Bravin provided an update on membership.  Now that Beach Club dues and numbers are “in”, total membership is ~370.  This is consistent with prior years.  We are also in the process of printing an updated TLA Directory and hope to have it by the August meeting. 


 Jean gave an update on our finances.  Since the June meeting, dues have grown by $4950  and donations have increased $37,252 to the general fund and another $20,000 to the earmarked funds for use on West Twin.  This is an incredible response from the community, and we are very grateful.  We will provide a full update on TLA finances at the upcoming August membership meeting. 

Annual Dues for 2024

 A robust discussion was had regarding whether the TLA should increase the dues for the 2024 season. However, considering the significant community response in terms of membership renewal and donations received in the month of July, as well as the fact that increasing the dues to $50 per person will not add significant income to the TLA, the board voted to hold off on raising the dues for the 2024 season.  Thus, they remain $25 per person for the 2024 season.

Annual Meeting and Twin Lakes Day

The annual meeting will be held on Isola Bella on Saturday, August 5 beginning at 10:30 am.  This will be followed by a picnic for members.  According to our by-laws, need a quorum of at least 55 members to vote on spending authorizations for the balance of 2023 and the first half of 2024.  Please mark your calendar.

 Twin Lakes Day will begin at 1 pm on August 5, at the beach on Isola Bella.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend this Twin Lakes tradition.  The rain date is Sunday, August 6. 

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