Meeting Minutes June 11, 2024

Attending: Grant Bogle, Russ Conklin, Rich Haupt, Dan Kadlec, Bill Barton, David Mathus, Eric Stoer, Jean Bell, Jackie Blombach, Carey Fiertz,  Danny Vogus,  Erica Cohn

Jessica Swartz, Sharon Auvalasit, Jack Mahoney, all three nominees for TLA board roles, joined the meeting at our invitation to allow them to get more familiar with TLA initiatives.    

Grant began the meeting by introducing Todd Parsons/engineer, Bob Stair/builder, Jeffrey Keenan/ local land owner and Peter Neeley/former wetlands commissioner and the TLA lead representative overseeing the watershed study, to review a possible 3 step solution to silt, sediment and erosion issues affecting East Twin.  This presentation and discussion was intended to give the TLA board a baseline overview of the proposed project and timeline.  At the close of this session, Mr. Keenan, Mr. Parsons and Mr. Stair all dropped off the call.  

Russ gave a lake management update showing slides of the NEAR survey from 2023 showing 50 species of plants and 3 invasives: milfoil, curly pondweed and hydrilla. West Twin was treated in April, 2024 for curly pondweed around the channel and near the Salisbury School boathouse.  The TLA is awaiting approval from DEEP to treat hydrilla and we have enlisted the help of our state representative to gain approval as soon as possible. It is important to note that the large green algae blooms we see currently are being tested, but early indications from our local limnologist suggest they are being fed by large quantities of phosphorus, possibly from a faulty septic on the lake.

Rich gave a Marina Monitor update as Adam could not attend, reporting that we currently have the monitors working 7 days a week, 12-14 hours per day in two shifts. Monitor reports show boat owners are receptive to information and suggestions regarding best practices to dry, drain and clean their boats..

Bill Barton, Danny Vogus and Dave Mathus reviewed the 4 bylaws changes that will be proposed and voted on by the membership at the June member meeting.The proposed bylaws will be posted on the TLA website as well.

Erica reported on fundraising efforts with searches for prospective donors, new merchandise available for sale, as well as the possibility of board members hosting neighborhood get-togethers to increase membership and donations. We have had members ask about building adult engagement to Twin Lakes Day games such wiffle ball or pickleball. 

Grant closed the meeting with a brief discussion of the agenda for the annual meeting June 22 to be held on Isola Bella at 10 AM.

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