Meeting Minutes Nov. 15, 2023

In attendance:
Grant Bogle, Jean Bell, Erica Cohn, Rich Haupt, Eric Stoer, Russ Conklin, Dan Vogus, Jackie Blombach, Blake Morrison, David Mathus, Jeff Bravin, Carey Fiertz, Adam Mayer
Purpose of the meeting was to check in with previously targeted areas in need of further investigation and work:
1. Russ gave an update on lake management issues with biggest concern continuing to be the growth of hydrilla in north end of East Twin Lake. Current estimates are $180,000 to treat and manage the lakes next year.
2. The lake access group led by Rich Haupt is looking into new ramp signage in both the marina and state launch, assess trailer access on state launch, adding boat launch monitors or Stewart’s to increase education and check boats before launching, and limiting open hours of ramp availability.
3. David Mathus continues to build relationships with state and local politicians.
4. Jackie Blombach updated the board regarding the grants the TLA has applied for recently as well as future proposals.
5. Erica Cohn gave an overview of fundraising which includes emails, snail mail, parties, developing merchandise and other community events.
The meeting was adjourned after 90 minutes with an agreement to meet again in a month for further updates and discussions.
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