Meeting Minutes Oct. 12, 2023

TLA Board Meeting Minutes

October 12, 2023

4-5:00 pm

Via Zoom

Attendees:  Bill Barton, Jean Bell, Grant Bogle, Russ Conklin, Erica Cohn, Carey Fiertz, Rich Haupt, Dan Kadlec, Dave Mathus, Adam Mayer, Blake Morrison, Eric Stoer, Danny Vogus

Meeting called to order at 4 pm. 

October 3 Meeting at the Marina:  Discussion was held regarding the meeting at O’Hara’s Marina with the coalition working to eradicate hydrilla in Twin Lakes.  The meeting was judged to be a success in terms building cross organizational communication, a shared understanding of the initial treatment in the marina area and the challenges ahead as we deal with “escapes”, such as in the North cove of East Twin.  There is good ongoing exchange among the scientific advisors post the meeting and we are following up with Curtis Rand and Maria Horn concerning their discussions with state officials post the meeting. 

Permit Application for 2024:  Russ Conklin discussed the studies and reports that are required by DEEP to complete 2023 and form the basis of our submission for 2024.  We have three main goals for the 2023 Permit Approval:

  1. Revise the East Twin “no treatment area” in the North Cove to allow for hydrilla treatment
  2. Add fluridone as an option for hydrilla treatment in East Twin
  3. Reduce the no treatment area in the third lake to expand our ability to combat Eurasian Milfoil.

Russ, with the support of Grant and Bill, will ensure the necessary reports and documents are submitted to NDDB by December and that our permit application is submitted in early January 2024.

Budget:  Grant Bogle reviewed expenses YTD based upon data supplied by Jean Bell, Treasurer.  The numbers were updated to include two recent payments.  Since the August meeting, TLA general funds have decreased ~$40,000 related primarily to expenses for the hydrilla treatment and monitoring in the marina.  We then discussed estimated expenses for the balance of 2023 through June 2024.  Based upon these estimates, we believe we will stay within the spending cap of $80,000 approved by the TLA membership at the Annual Meeting.

Formation of Working Group:  A discussion ensued with regard to forming several working groups to address pressing issues.  The working groups are as follows:

Options for monitoring boat launches both from O’Hara’s and the state launch site:  Bill Barton will lead this group and be supported by Dave Haab, Dan Kadlec, Rich Haupt and Adam Mayer.  The goal is to research various options and report back to the membership by the June 2024 meeting with a short- and longer-term plan. 

Political Action/Relationships: Given the ever-increasing complexity of the issues facing Twin Lakes, the board believes that we need to expand and strengthen our relationships at a state and federal level.  This group will be led by Dave Mathus and supported by Jeff Bravin and Carey Fiertz. 

Grants: The TLA has applied for grants in the past but the need to do so going forward is growing, given the costs of managing the lake system.  Jackie Blombach has volunteered to lead our “grant writing” function and will be supported by board members and our vendors, as appropriate. Thank you, Jackie!

Fund Raising: Given that the cost of managing the lakes has increased dramatically and is projected to remain so, the TLA needs a more comprehensive plan for increasing membership and raising funds.  Erica Cohn has agreed to lead this effort and will be supported by the Board and other members of the TLA community for implementation. 

The board agreed that another meeting should occur before Thanksgiving to ensure that each work stream is moving forward. 

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