New Board Installed

TLA members keeping their distance at the annual meeting

With 40-plus proxies
 in hand and a similar number of attendees, the Twin Lakes Association achieved a quorum and approved a number of changes at the annual meeting Aug. 8. The pandemic was only one hurdle. Much of the lake was without power or Internet. Those attending wore masks and maintained ample distancing throughout.

The board now has new leadership and six new directors. Grant Bogle succeeds Carey Fiertz as president. Bill Barton is now senior vice president. They are joined by Jean Bell, treasurer, Pat Miller, secretary, and Susan Knight, head of membership. Rounding out the board are Jackie Blombach, Jeff Bravin, Terry Cohen, Dave Haab, Rich Haupt, Dan Kadlec, Justin Meyer, Blake Morrison, Eric Stoer and Danny Vogus.

As expected, up to $10,000 was authorized for weed control and the board was cleared to buy director’s insurance to shield board members from personal liability in the event of any lawsuit that might arise from decisions made as a volunteer member of the board. This is a standard precaution. There are no known issues.

General discussion points centered on weed control, which will continue next year, and the increase in traffic and noise on the water this summer. Boaters and homeowners are encouraged to call the police if they witness unsafe activity or excessive noise. Since a police response on the water likely would be slow, consider videoing the activity or taking a snapshot of the boats involved if your camera is nearby. This would greatly help any follow up investigation.

Look for the meeting minutes on the TLA website soon. The new website remains under construction and should be online by Labor Day.

Two winners in the TLA photo contest were selected and will receive $50 each. There were no entries in the 16-and-under category, at least not that we could tell. If you know otherwise, please reply to this email and identify the entry. The winners were a stunning orange sunrise by Jennifer Lea Dulin and a young raccoon from Instagram account “Dtween1962.” (Pictures are below.) Jennifer has donated her prize money back to the TLA. Thank you. We are still trying to reach Dtween1962, who should reply to this email with a mailing address or respond to our twinlakesassociation Instagram message asking for contact information.

The TLA is seeking administrative help. This is a part-time paid position that can be handled from home. The main functions will be helping with this newsletter and keeping the new website up to date, including posting of new information, managing a virtual swap shop, and more as needed. (This is a work in progress. We aren’t sure what we will need!)

This position would not begin until the new website is live in September. You will need reliable Internet service, computer and social media skills, and be willing to respond in a timely way when called upon; some knowledge of WordPress (our website host) is helpful but not necessary. Our goal is to pay a flat monthly rate during the slow winter months and a higher flat monthly rate during summer. The rate is negotiable. Reply to this email if interested in knowing more.

When the lights finally came back on, it was a team of linemen from South Carolina that made it happen late on Aug. 11. Much of the area was without electric or Internet for eight days. Comcast rigged some portable generators to restore Internet service a day before the South Carolina team arrived. The team met at the marina and waited for instructions from Eversource before starting repairs. Our thanks to the workers who made the long drive

Jennifer Lea Dulin's sunrise and a raccoon from "Dtween1962" won the TLA photo contest. Look for these and many other entries on the new website after it is launched in September.
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