Photo Contest Winners

This year’s photo contest winner is Zac Staffiere, who snapped a bunch of beautiful pictures around the lakes over the July 4 holiday. Zac’s stunning shot of fireworks over the water took first place. More of his pictures can be found sprinkled around the TLA website. Zac is a filmmaker and photographer who shoots a diverse array of content including documentaries, commercial projects, and weddings. His personal work can be viewed at and you can learn about his commercial video company at

Second prize went to Rachel Vogus for her picture of a grandfather-granddaughter reunion. This year’s theme was “reunions and celebrations.”

If you don’t use Twitter, you are missing timely announcements and discussions having to do with the Twin Lakes Association. In recent weeks we have posted about bear sightings, lake levels, invasive weed treatment delays and applications, Wetlands Commission decisions, Twin Lakes Day programs, Algae alerts, photo contest entries, and more. Join the discussion or just stay informed. It’s easy to sign-up and then follow @twinlakesassoc2.

We hope you are enjoying the latest improvements to the TLA website. The #tlaphoto2021 contest winners are newly posted on the home page. We have also been working on the “helpful hints” post under the “about us” page. We have added hiking information, hunting seasons, points of interest and more. We welcome suggested additions. Reply to this email if you have helpful hints that you’d like the community to know about.

We have added a valuable new item to the main menu: Lakefront Best Practices. It hosts an infographic and links to other resources with advice on how to protect the lakes and wetlands from pollutants. We hope to build out a more comprehensive education page soon.

The controversial Wetlands Commission proposal and discussion to expand regulated space has raised awareness about protecting the ecosystem. We have heard from TLA members on the shoreline that want to know and do more about storm water runoff. Education and community awareness may be the simplest solution to issues like clear cutting and water filtering.


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