Weed Treatment July 21

After a series of delays, the lakes will be treated July 21 with ProcellaCOR in some areas and Diquat in others. These are state approved treatments for the invasive weeds that clog portions of East and West Twin (mostly on the north side). There is no restriction on swimming, fishing, or boating. Residents that water their lawn from the lake are advised to wait a week. Signs went up around the lake on Monday.

The approved treatment area is somewhat smaller than last year. The lakes are home to many rare species and we along with the state are taking great care to target only invasive weeds without harming the lake ecosystem. The ProcellaCOR approval is significant. This treatment lasts longer and requires fewer applications.

Treatments were originally scheduled for June 30, when our application was set to expire. Delays occurred due to understaffing at the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection along with complications stemming from the abundance of rare plants in the lakes. The TLA was able to secure an extension.
A controversial proposal to expand the Upland Review Area under authority of the Salisbury Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission is top of the agenda for commissioners at their meeting Tuesday, July 20 at 6 pmHere is the agenda and Zoom invite for that meeting. In a related matter, the Salisbury Planning and Zoning Commission has added a discussion of this issue to its agenda for a meeting tonight at 6:30 p.mHere is the agenda and Zoom invite for that meeting.

The public will be allowed to comment for the first time at the Wetlands Commission meeting. Proposed changes—most notably, expanding the area of review to 200 feet from 75 feet from water or wetlands—has sparked intense opposition from lakefront property owners.
Last week, the Salisbury Lakes Homeowners (SLH) group that has been advocating for more research and broader input before the proposal is formally introduced for possible adoption submitted a fifth letter to the Wetlands Commission along with a second legal analysis that calls into question the need and the legality of some of the proposed changes. Those and other documents, including a recent article in the Lakeville Journal, can viewed on the SLH website. We encourage your attendance at the meeting to be up to speed on this divisive issue.
The TLA annual meeting will be Aug. 7 at 10 a.m. at Isola Bella, followed by the 120th Annual Twin Lakes Day at 12:30 p.m. This is an in-person meeting to be held rain or shine. Rain date for Twin Lakes Day is Aug. 8. Hosting the festivities once again is Justin Myer.
Several volunteers are needed to help set up at 11 a.m. (clean the beach, string banners, and set up floats) and to break down the site afterward. Four volunteers are needed to serve as judges for the competitions. Two volunteers are needed to assist resident librarian Bina Williams with a “Libraries Love Lakes” crafts program in the pavilion. Kids of all ages not participating in the competitions will make a collage of their favorite aspects of the lake. Bring photos to use in the collage if you like. The best pictures should be printed off a computer on copier paper. Other materials will be provided.

Otherwise, events will be the same as in previous years except there will be no cardboard boat race. If you would like to give your time in any of these ways contact president@twinlakesorg.org.
Caps and t-shirts with the TLA logo will be offered for sale after the meeting. Both are priced at $20. Help support the organization and show your support with a purchase!

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