What to do About Black Bears

This black bear on a porch on Twin Lakes was tagged for capture

Sightings of black bears around the lakes have become common, as is the case through much of rural Connecticut. In some instances the bears are tagged, which means the state is tracking them. Bear 169 (pictured above) was spotted on South Shore Road. It had been flagged for capture, likely because it had become comfortable around humans and was deemed a nuisance. The state encourages you to report bear sightings, which are reviewed daily. The data is used for research purposes. Contact the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) Wildlife Division at 860-424-3011. In the event of a wildlife-related emergency, contact DEEP dispatch at 860-424-3333. If anyone is in danger, dial 911. Visit the state guide for living with black bears. This site is loaded with safety and other information.

A new TLA photo contest is underway. There will be two $50 prizes for the best “nature” picture taken and submitted by July 31, 2020. The photo must have been taken during the 12-month period ending on July 31, 2020. One prize will be for best picture submitted in all age groups; the other is for submissions by people 16 and under. Please spread the word. This contest is open to TLA members and their friends and family. The nature theme can be interpreted however you like but should include some element of the area’s natural beauty. Winners will be declared at the Aug. 8 TLA meeting.

Here is how to enter: This is an Instagram-based contest. No exceptions. You will need to open an Instagram account and follow @twinlakesassociation. You must post your photo to your Instagram account and tag #tlaphoto2020. All entries will appear on Instagram under that hashtag. We encourage you to post your best shots all summer. The best photos may be incorporated in the new TLA website, which is being designed. Start snapping!

Water treatment date is June 29. We have final approvals in hand and Pond and Lake Connection has scheduled June 29 to treat the lakes with a combination of diquat in most areas and ProcellaCor in places along South Shore Road. There will be no boating, swimming, or fishing the day of treatment. No watering of livestock for 2 days. No drinking the water or cooking with it for 4 days. No irrigation for 6 days.

TLA president Carey Fiertz would like to thank Grant Bogle and Bill Barton for their tremendous help and support in this matter. We also want to thank Jeff Bravin of the American School for the Deaf for his assistance, along with State Rep. Maria Horn and State Sen. Craig Miner in getting the state to respond to our application. Our limnologist Mark June-Wells and his team really stepped up to give us a Eurasian Milfoil survey within days of the request, and substantial guidance throughout.

The usual state-regulated pesticide signs will be posted a few days prior to treatment. The state severely restricted where we can treat and with how much of each chemical. Both East and West Twin will get less than we wanted. While this is understandable with diquat, it makes less sense for ProcellaCor. Our only guess is that this is still a relatively new chemical in Connecticut and they want to be cautious.

The TLA Zoom meeting came off without a hitch on June 13. The audience peaked at 67 members and the meeting lasted one hour. Weed treatment was of most concern to those attending. Look for the meeting minutes on the TLA website soon.

First Selectman Curtis Rand informed the membership at the meeting that town offices are functioning but social distancing measures remain in place. New transfer stickers will be needed by July 6. You can mail in your check or drop it in the door slot at town hall. The stickers will be mailed to you. Get the application online at the town site or in the foyer at town hall. The new transfer station should open in August. The Salisbury Sampler is now online only and is being updated once a week. Here is the latest edition.

We still have many unpaid members and encourage all to pay dues and update personal information as soon s possible. Just click on the appropriate button below.

The Twin Lakes boating regulations have been updated for the first time in years, thanks to the efforts of Grant Bogle. The new regs address issues like noise and personal watercraft. They are in sync with state regs, and all who use the lake should consider reviewing them. They can be found here on the TLA website. 

Finally, save the date. The TLA annual meeting will be on Aug. 8, which is also Twin Lakes Day. At the meeting, members will vote on new executive committee and any by-law changes
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