A key meeting of the Salisbury Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission will be held on Monday evening. The Commission is reviewing and updating its regulations, which apply to Twin Lakes properties. One proposed change is to expand its authority over the shoreline to 200 feet, up from the current 100 feet inland from the water. This would mean that the Commission has power to regulate any activity like building, clearing or cleaning along the shoreline within 200 feet of the water. The Twin Lakes Association board believes this proposal is of vital interest to our membership and we urge all, especially property owners, to attend the meeting in a show of concern.

The meeting on Monday, March 1 at 6:30 p.m. is a regularly scheduled Commission meeting. At the outset, it will also serve as the first of two informational workshops meant to explore the impact of the proposed regulations. The workshop is scheduled to last 45 minutes and will be led by Abby Conroy, the town’s Land Use Administrator. It is unclear if the public will be allowed to comment at this meeting. But the TLA board encourages all property owners on the lake to attend. A date for the second workshop has not been set.

 Here is the Commission’s full agenda for March 1. Here is how to attend the workshop via Zoom. This information is also on the town website.

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