April 2021 Minutes

TLA Board Meeting Minutes April 21, 2021
7-8:45 pm

Attendees: Grant Bogle, Bill Barton, Jean Bell, Carey Fiertz, Susan Knight, Jackie Blombach, Terry Cohen, Rich Haupt, Dan Kadlec, Blake Morrision, Eric Stoer, Danny Vogus

Not Present: Jeff Bravin, Dave Haab, Justin Meyer and Pat Miller Meeting called to order at 7 pm.

Financial Update: Jean Bell provided an update on the membership dues collections YTD. Total dues collected YTD is $2400 (96 memberships) and $1555.00 in donations. This matches quite closely with the membership tally that Susan Knight reported (93). We discussed that we are early in the fiscal year, that many members will join via the Beach Club dues collection process (new for this year and for which we do not have information yet) and that it is too early to project total membership. We will send out a reminder to pay dues and fill out the membership form in the next couple of weeks via the newsletter.

Grant provided the board with a reconciliation of the bank statements through March 31, 2021.

A report of TLA finances, dues collection and membership will be provided at the June TLA membership meeting.

Lake Management: Bill Barton provided an update on lake management activities including:

  1. A rare plant study will be performed this summer in compliance with our

    monitoring commitments to the State. We applied for and were awarded a grant from the state for $7875 which will cover roughly three quarters of the cost of the study. Thanks to Board members Bill Barton and Eric Stoer and to Abby Conroy, the town P&Z and IWWC administrator, for completing the application!

  2. Treatment of the lakes is scheduled for late June as in years past. Bill is in frequent contact with PLC, our contractor, to ensure there are no hick-ups in our approval from the state to proceed. We expect treatment locations to be similar to last year.

  3. A hydro-raking project has been approved by the IWWC for approximately 7 properties in West Twin and also a pilot project in the Channel. The residential work is funded by each property owner and the Channel pilot project is being funded by the TLA.

  4. Lake level management was discussed and we are in communication with the town to understand who manages this gates along Taconic Road so we can better engage in discussions about water levels throughout the seasons.

  5. Volunteer day: We discussed the idea of a lake cleanup day where we would ask for volunteers to clean up litter and debris from the roads around Twin Lakes. There was strong support among the board and a proposal will be forthcoming.

IWWC Proposed Regulations: The board received an update on the status of discussions with the town regarding the proposed IWWC regulations. An informational meeting will be held by the town on Monday, April 26 at 6:30 pm. An announcement of this meeting will be provided to the TLA membership.

Safe Boating Course: Rich Haupt researched options for safe boating courses that could be offered to TLA membership this summer. There are several on-line options. State law requires that all drivers of motorboats have a license. Information about approved courses will be provided in an upcoming TLA newsletter.

Key Dates: We agreed that the June Membership meeting would be held on Isola Bella at 10 am on Saturday, June 19 and the Annual Meeting will be held on Isola Bella on Saturday, August 7. In addition, as in the past, Twin Lakes Day will be held the afternoon of August 7, after the Annual Meeting. Notice of upcoming meetings will be sent out shortly via the newsletter.

New TLA Board Member: Consistent with the TLA by-laws, the board voted to expand the number of board seats by 1 position (motion by Carey Fiertz and seconded by Danny Vogus. unanimous approval) and then voted again to nominate Russ Conklin to fill the vacant board seat (motion by Carey Fiertz and seconded by Susan Knight, unanimous approval). Russ is a long-time lake resident, has in-depth knowledge of West Twin and lake management, is extremely knowledgeable about town regulatory activities and has volunteered to conduct water quality testing on West Twin beginning this summer. The Board is grateful to Russ for his past work on our behalf and looks forward to his contributions going forward.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.

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