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Meeting Minutes June 11, 2024

Attending: Grant Bogle, Russ Conklin, Rich Haupt, Dan Kadlec, Bill Barton, David Mathus, Eric Stoer, Jean Bell, Jackie Blombach, Carey Fiertz,  Danny Vogus,  Erica Cohn Jessica Swartz, Sharon Auvalasit, Jack Mahoney, all three nominees for TLA board roles, joined the … Read More

Bylaws Changes Posted

Hand-pulling weeds The TLA engaged a new partner, New England Aquatic Services, to clear Curly Leaf Pond Weed around the boat launch at Salisbury School. This area was difficult to treat with an herbicide and work done by our new vendor at Lake Waramaug … Read More

TLA To Kickoff Critical Membership Drive

Maintain your septic field An unseasonable algae bloom in West Twin may be the result of nutrient-rich runoff from a faulty septic system. Property owners are encouraged to pump their tanks every year or two to keep them efficient and safeguard the lakes. This algae … Read More

Meeting Minutes May 21, 2024

TLA Board Meeting Tuesday, May 21, 2024 Noon-1 pm EST.   Via Zoom In attendance: Russ Conklin,Rich Haupt, Jean Bell, Dan Kadlec, Grant Bogle, Eric Stoer, Adam Mayer, Dave Mathus, Danny Vogus, Jackie Blombach, Carey Fiertz, Jeff Bravin, and Erica Cohn … Read More

Isola Bella Passage Blocked

A clearly marked barrier has been installed under the Isola Bella bridge, the latest step to curb the spread of non-native hydrilla. There will be no easy passage for kayaks, canoes, and swimmers this year and probably next. The barrier … Read More

New Season Opens with Launch Monitors at Marina

The year-round work of keeping the lakes clean and safe has been largely invisible to the community for decades. That will change this summer as the Twin Lakes Association steps up efforts to rid the lake of harmful invasive plants. Beginning … Read More

Study on Hydrilla Spread to Six Lakes in Connecticut

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2023 water quality report

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Meeting Minutes April 11, 2024

NOTES FROM TWIN LAKES ASSOCIATION MEETING APRIL 11 – 8:00 am Present: Peter Neely, Russ Conklin, Bill Barton, Grant Bogle, Carey, Fiertz, David Ma<hus, Rich Haupt, Adam Mayer, Jean Bell, Jeff Bravin and Jackie Blombach, Dan Kadlec WATERSHED STUDY: Peter … Read More

2023 Aquatic Plant Monitoring Report

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