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Hydrilla Treatment Next Week

Photo by Jon Sullivan via Flickr  Four acres of the lake near the marina will be treated within a week for hydrilla verticilatta, also known as water thyme. This is an emergency treatment following local discovery of the weed last month. … Read More

The Hydrilla Threat Hydrilla represents a new and potentially devastating risk to the Twin Lakes. It is believed to have come to East Twin on a visiting boat and so far has been spotted only near the marina. This weed is most … Read More

Meeting Minutes Aug. 22, 2023

In attendance on Zoom: Bill Barton, Carey Fiertz, Jackie, Blombach, Rich Haupt, Jean, Bell, Erica Cohn, Dan Kadlec, and Dan Vogus. Bill called the meeting to order and we reviewed the proposed letter which shows the Twin Lakes Associations support … Read More

Weed Treatment Delayed Until Aug. 14

Weed treatment has been postponed until Monday, Aug. 14 due to a short supply of the chemicals used to combat unwanted and invasive growth. The treatment areas remain as originally planned. The water will remain safe for swimming but should … Read More

Past Photo Winners

winner 2021 … Read More

Meeting Minutes Aug. 5, 2023

Twin Lakes Association Annual Meeting Minutes August 5, 2023 Isola Bella The meeting was called to order at 10:30 by Grant Bogle, president of the Twin Lakes Association.  Grant thanked the attendees for coming, the board for all their service, … Read More

CAES report on hydrilla and other invasive plants

Click here to see the report.

Meeting Minutes July 19, 2023

TLA Board Minutes July 19, 2023 Attendees:  Jackie Blombach, Eric Stoer, Jean Bell, Bill Barton, Rich Haupt, Russ Conklin, Jeff Bravin, Dan Kadlec, Carey Fiertz, Danny Vogus, Erica Cohen, and Grant Bogle Meeting called to order at 5 pm.  Lake … Read More

Weed Treatment Set For Aug. 7, Annual Meeting Aug. 5

 The state permit to treat invasive weeds has just been received and the treatment will be applied in the lakes on Monday, Aug. 7. The water will remain safe for swimming and other activities. The state recommends not using lake … Read More

Membership Meeting Minutes June 24

TWIN LAKES ASSOCIATION MEETING June 24, 2023  The meeting was called to order at Isola Bella at 10:00 AM by President Grant Bogle with approximately 65 members in attendance.  Grant welcomed everyone and announced that no votes will be taken … Read More