Hyrdilla Brings New Focus And Some Big Changes

The discovery of invasive hydrilla last year around the marina and in the shallow waters north of the state boat launch has prompted a sweeping change in how the Twin Lakes Association board plans to safeguard water quality for the … Read More

TLA Letter Seeks Funds to Battle Spread of Hydrilla

The Twin Lakes Association board has released the following letter regarding the escalating costs of lake management, including efforts to eradicate the invasive hydrilla plant. The letter will go out to a broader community of lake goers in coming days. … Read More

‘Scary Moment’ As Hydrilla Threatens Area Watershed

The perimeter of East Twin Lake along with a much larger share of West Twin and Shenob Brook are vulnerable to the rapid spread of hydrilla verticillata, a group of top experts agree. If the weed’s spread goes unchecked it … Read More

Hydrilla Treatment Next Week

Photo by Jon Sullivan via Flickr  Four acres of the lake near the marina will be treated within a week for hydrilla verticilatta, also known as water thyme. This is an emergency treatment following local discovery of the weed last month. … Read More

Weed Treatment Delayed Until Aug. 14

Weed treatment has been postponed until Monday, Aug. 14 due to a short supply of the chemicals used to combat unwanted and invasive growth. The treatment areas remain as originally planned. The water will remain safe for swimming but should … Read More

Weed Treatment Set For Aug. 7, Annual Meeting Aug. 5

 The state permit to treat invasive weeds has just been received and the treatment will be applied in the lakes on Monday, Aug. 7. The water will remain safe for swimming and other activities. The state recommends not using lake … Read More

TLA Projects Budget Shortfall

Lake management costs have been rising dramatically while dues and donations to the Twin Lakes Association for treatment of invasive weeds have been flat to declining in recent years. This unsustainable financial path will be addressed at the TLA membership meeting … Read More

Key Membership Dates Set

The Twin Lakes Association set its two member meetings this summer for June 24 and Aug. 5. Both will be at Isola Bella, starting at 10 a.m. The 122nd Twin Lakes Day festivities will follow the Aug. 5 meeting. Please save the … Read More

Algae Clumps Not Harmful

The worrisome algae clumps noted on East and West Twin in recent weeks have been tested and show conclusively that the traces of cyanobacteria in the clumps are well below levels deemed toxic. Cyanobacteria occurs naturally in lakes in Connecticut. It is … Read More

Algae Bloom Raises Questions

On East and West Twin Lakes the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed clumps of algae massing in the water. The Twin Lakes Association has had samples analyzed and found that these masses contain traces of cyanobacteria, which occurs naturally in … Read More