June Member Meeting Minutes


June 19, 2021

Isola Bella

Meeting called to order at 10:00 AM by President Grant Bogle at the pavilion at Isola Bella. Approximately 55-60 members were present (which represents a quorum of over 15% of the membership).  He thanked Jeff Bravin, the Executive Director of ASD, for allowing the TLA meeting to be held at Isola Bella, welcomed those in attendance and highlighted all items on the agenda.  Grant also thanked the TLA Board of Directors for their hard work throughout this past year in terms of advancing the key initiatives of the Twin Lakes Association.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Jean Bell reported receiving $4,700 in dues which translates to 188 members, $5,535 in donations, primarily in remembrance of Sue Silliman, $64,000 in CDs and expenses of $11,632 – the largest amount being for one time purchase of water quality testing equipment.  These figures do not include members who signed up through the Beach Club and thus, once received, membership and dues will be consistent with prior years of more than 300 members.  If you have not paid your dues, please do so which is easily done via the website. 

MEMBERSHIP:  Susan Knight indicated she has over 350 names on the TLA data base and 188 paid members thus far in 2021, again, excluding members who sign up through the Beach Club. 

LAKE MANAGEMENT:  Bill Barton, Executive Vice President, stated road cleanup event has been cancelled since the roads were relatively clear of litter this year.  Congratulations to our community for keeping it clean. The TLA is open to work project suggestions for the community and suggestions can be submitted via the website or by contacting a board member. 

Bill updated the group on hydro raking in both West Twin and the Channel.  The TLA funded the channel project as a test to see how effective it would be in clearing plants and silt.  Initial indications are that this work was effective.  We may consider expanding this work in 2022.

 A rare plant study is scheduled to be completed in July, consistent with our permit and commitment to the DEEP.  TLA has yet to receive permit from DEEP to apply herbicides for the current year and to complicate matters, any treatment must be performed by June 30th.  Expecting authorization, volunteers have stepped forward to post signing.  TLA leadership has received word from the state the permit will be forthcoming shortly and we will endeavor in the coming year to understand how this process can be timelier.

Bill explained progress that has been made on West Twin for the past three years in terms of weed harvesting using the town equipment.  The TLA and residents of West Twin have split the cost of the labor and removal of the debris.  After a good deal of discussion, a MOTION made to authorize the TLA to spend up to $20,000 in the coming year for harvesting, which is comprised of $10,000 of earmarked donations from residents from West Twin, and $10,000 of TLA funds ($6500 of unspent funds from last year’s approved budget and $3500 in new funds from the TLA general funds).  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.   

Finally, Bill recognized Fred Schmidt, who is now responsible for regulating lake levels.  We thank Fred for taking on this important service.

COMMUNICATIONS:  Dan Kadlec indicated that enhanced communications to membership has been a major focus for the past 18 months.  We have introduced an electronic newsletter that is widely read and redesigned the website.  Dan spoke of the photo contest, indicating the theme this summer will be ‘celebrations and reunions’ and encouraged members to submit their photos via Instagram.  If you don’t have an Instagram account (and don’t want to create one), you can submit them via email.  To assist with website upgrades, we have hired Scott McClearn, a rising Hobart Senior, for the summer.  Scott knows the lakes and we are excited for the assistance.  Finally, we are always looking for content for the newsletter and website.  We have had several articles submitted by members on interesting topics.  Dan said he would love to connect with others who may be interested in submitting an article or two over the summer and into the fall on an interesting topic.  It could be a great hike or bike ride, sculling on West Twin or remembering the lake decades ago.  All are things the membership likes to read about.  Dan said not to worry about perfect writing. He is a good editor.  Thanks for the help! Dan also announced the creation of a Twin Lakes Association Twitter account and encouraged members to create one of their own and follow @Twinlakesassoc2 for timely updates.

SCIENCE AND EDUCATION: Jackie Blombach, Eric Stoer and Terry Cohen, working with Jodi Luby and Anita Jorgensen, have compiled helpful information for lakefront homeowners regarding such items as runoff, rain gardens, plantings and other items of interest.  This is now posted on the website.  In addition, 400 copies of a printed brochure are on order and will be distributed at the August meeting.  We encourage all members to educate themselves and their neighbors on the things we can all do to maintain or improve the health of our lake ecosystem.

LIBRARIES LOVE LAKES:  Bina Williams said the Salisbury Library will be hosting a variety of events throughout the month of July for children regarding the importance of lakes.  This is a national program and the link to the program can be found at  https://www.librarieslovelakes.org/.  This site contains age-appropriate book lists, ideas for fun art projects and other ideas for educating and entertaining children about lakes.  More information about Library Loves Lakes will be forthcoming in the newsletter.

ASD:  Jeff Bravin spoke to the membership regarding the plans for Camp Isola Bella this summer and provided an overview of expansion plans that will include adding two cabins (one for boys and one for girls), making bathrooms and cabins ADA compliant, updating the electrical system, and adding an athletic field.  Currently, the capacity of the camp is 48 campers per session and the additional cabins will allow for 24 more campers.  Jeff indicated that each year, there is a long waiting list given the special needs of these children and the limited of similar camps available for them across the nation.  The expansion of the camp will provide a true camp experience for students of all ages for generations to come.  Construction may begin this fall provided the necessary funds are raised.  The project is expected to cost approximately $400,000.  ASD has raised over $175,000 to date.  Jeff is asking for the lake community to step up once again, much like we did with the rebuilding of the Isola Bella tower, and raise $100,000 in support of this project.  More information will be forthcoming regarding how you may contribute to this effort.

LAKE SAFETY:  Curtis Rand and Mike Brenner explained that we have one resident trooper and several constables for the town and as such, they are spread thin. At our request, they have begun patrolling at odd hours and often well into sunset when some of the problems have been reported.  While their main focus is safety, they are well aware of the issue of noise and other behavior that is not consistent with good boating etiquette.  All TLA members are asked to familiarize themselves with the safe boating rules as posted on the TLA website, to write down the number of the local police station to report unsafe behavior and to speak to those that are less familiar with the rules or who are not being considerate.  We are encouraged to get any identifying information such as boat numbers and names.  Timing reporting of issues is also important.  All numbers and contact information are posted on the TLA website.

IWWC:  Bogle then gave a brief introductory statement about the proposed changes to the IWWC regulations and the formation of a new group called Salisbury Lakes Homeowners.  This group was formed in March 2021 once the new regulations were publicly introduced with the goal to educate lake front property owners from all the regulated lakes about the proposed regulations and their potential impact on common activities that homeowners undertake to maintain our homes.  Curtis Rand explained that the town is concerned about ongoing development in the area and wished to protect not only the lakes but also other special wetlands and waterways.  The proposed regulations extend the Upland Review Area (URA) to 200 feet for named lakes and Curtis also wants to include an extension of the URA to 500 feet for other special wetlands.  For those interested in learning more about the proposed regulations and their impact, both intended and unintended, can read more about them at https://bit.ly/SalisburyLakesHomeowners.  The IWWC has scheduled a public information session is scheduled for July 20, at 6 pm.  More information will be forthcoming in the TLA newsletter.

Secretary left the meeting at 11:50 and is unaware of what transpired following that time.

Pat Miller


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