June 2021 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the TLA Board Meeting, June 10, 2021, 7-9 pm

Attendees:  Grant Bogle, Bill Barton, Jean Bell, Jackie Blombach, Jeff Bravin, Terry Cohen, Russ Conklin, Carey Fiertz, Rich Haupt, Dan Kadlec, Justin Meyer, Pat Miller, Eric Stoer, Dan Vogus

Absent:  Dave Haab, Blake Morrison, Susan Knight

Meeting called to order at 7 pm.

  1. Jean Bell gave a treasurer’s report and membership update. This information will be covered in detail at the upcoming membership meeting on June 19.
  2. A motion was made and passed by the board to spend up to $3000 this year to pay the lab that conducts the tests for water quality on the collected samples. Thanks to Peter and Kathy Neely and Russ Conklin for gathering the samples each month on East and West Twin, respectively. 
  3. Russ Conklin reported that the budget for weed harvesting this year on West Twin is $20,000, which will be funded through a combination of earmarked donations from residents on West Twin and from TLA general funds. This is the 4th year of harvesting in the neck of West Twin and the procedure is helpful in reducing the biomass and improving lake access.  The Board supports this proposal and it will be brought to the membership for a vote on the 19th.
  4. Lake management: Bill Barton reports that we have yet to receive approval from the DEEP to apply herbicides this season.  Our permit only allows application before June 30th.  We have activated numerous channels of communication with the DEEP to ensure that our permit is approved and treatments can be applied by the end of the month. 
  5. Communications: Dan Kadlec reported that he is looking for members of the TLA to submit articles about interesting subjects for the newsletter.  In addition, the photo contest about family reunions post COVID has been announced.  Both will be discussed on the 19th.
  6. Science and Education: Jackie Blombach reports that she, along with Eric Stoer have put together some helpful resources for lake front homeowners in terms of appropriate vegetation, how to make a rain garden, and other helpful hints to maintain/improve our lake ecosystem.  Dan will work with this group to get this information onto the TLA website for reference.
  7. Proposed IWWC Regulations: Grant gave an update on the status of the proposed regulations.  This will be discussed at the meeting.
  8. Lake Noise/Traffic and Safety: We discussed the ongoing challenges with lake noise.  The Board recognizes that this is an issue and will be prepared to discuss the actions we are taking at the upcoming meeting.
  9. Camp Isola Bella Remodeling/Expansion: Jeff Bravin briefly outlined plans for renovating the camp bunkhouse bathrooms and adding two additional cabins (one for boys and one for girls) which will accommodate 24 additional campers each session (up from the current capacity of 48).  More details to follow at the meeting on the 16th.
  10. Twin Lakes Day: August 7, 2021.  Justin Meyer is asking for volunteers to help set up, take down and to be judges.  We will have a sign-up sheet at the meeting.

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