Lake Water Treatments Working Well

The water quality in East Twin lake is excellent but there are signs of aging that require ongoing attention, according to a new report presented to the Twin Lakes Association board on Jan. 26. The report from Aquatic Ecosystem Research is posted on the TLA website alongside previous reports from AER. The AER slides are also posted on the website.

Larry Marsicano and Mark June-Wells, both of AER, detailed trends in lake temperature and oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorous levels—all of which impact invasive weed growth and unwanted algae blooms. AER recommended the TLA stick to its current water management regimen with an eye toward shifting, where possible, to treatments with the herbicide ProcellaCor, which require fewer applications but control weed growth for a longer period. This would cut down on sediment buildup at the lake bottom and have other benefits.

AER also recommended the TLA resume monitoring water quality on West Twin, a practice that was discontinued in 2011. TLA member Russ Conklin volunteered to take the measurements monthly. The board is now looking into the associated costs. Testing could begin in the spring. You may read the full meeting minutes on the TLA website.
In other business, the TLA board agreed to work with town officials on an update of laws governing boating rules on Twin Lakes. The relevant ordinances have not been updated for decades, and much has changed in the kinds of vessels and activities on the water. Traffic on the water has also risen a great deal.

The TLA board has learned that representatives of Lakeville Lake are drafting new setback guidelines to propose to the Salisbury Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission. Connecticut recently updated its Wetlands regulations, and as such local Wetlands authorities must comply. But the new draft appears to go beyond what’s needed to be in compliance.
The board is in touch with First Selectman Curtis Rand, who has pledged to keep the TLA informed and make certain our group has a voice in any changes that would affect Twin Lakes. The board will continue to monitor developments on this front.
A new dues-collection system, including how to make additional donations for weed control and other TLA activities, has been put in place for the 2021 season. We hope all members will give it a shot. All board members paid through the new system in January and report that it is easy and convenient. You can still write a check and mail it in with your membership form, as before. But online payment through the TLA website automates and simplifies aspects of our record keeping.

Specific instructions are on the website’s membership payment page. But quite simply, you just click the “twin lakes membership” button, which directs you to PayPal, where you may sign in or choose a credit card option. When finished you are redirected to the membership application, which you can fill out online and then click “submit.” If you wish to contribute beyond your membership dues, do so with a separate transaction. Just click the “donate now” button found at the top of the page and write in any amount.

In an effort to better understand our membership, we ask that you clearly indicate the name of every person you are paying dues for. If only one name is submitted with payment, any amount over $25 will be assumed to be an additional donation. So, please be clear if you are paying dues for more than one person. As always, we appreciate your generous support.
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