Meeting Minutes Aug. 22, 2023

In attendance on Zoom: Bill Barton, Carey Fiertz, Jackie, Blombach, Rich Haupt, Jean, Bell, Erica Cohn, Dan Kadlec, and Dan Vogus.

Bill called the meeting to order and we reviewed the proposed letter which shows the Twin Lakes Associations support of the purchase of the nearly 300 acres for sale as part of the Boyett Property that could be purchased by and for land Conservancy. As a group, we agreed to add Bill Barton‘s  exact title, the date, the logo of the TLA and the website address. It  was a unanimous vote in agreement to send the letter.
Carey confirmed that the past presidents sent  a similar letter and Erica confirmed that the Northwest  Land Conservancy also sent a letter of support. Bill Barton will speak with Shelley Harms from the Salisbury Land Trust before mailing the letter  to confirm all talking points.

It should be noted that Jackie reported that the ProcellaCor is working very well on the cove. Bill Barton reported about a DEEP meeting today regarding hydrilla in the hopes that the ProcellaCor would be added to the marina in the next few weeks. The next steps as Bill reported will be George needs to opine, they are going to look at floating barriers to be procured, plus the  manufacturer of ProcellaCOR also must weigh in.
The meeting was adjourned after 20 minutes.

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