Meeting Minutes May 21, 2024

TLA Board Meeting

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Noon-1 pm EST.  

Via Zoom

In attendance:

Russ Conklin,Rich Haupt, Jean Bell, Dan Kadlec, Grant Bogle, Eric Stoer, Adam Mayer, Dave Mathus, Danny Vogus, Jackie Blombach, Carey Fiertz, Jeff Bravin, and Erica Cohn

Grant opened the meeting by saying that the TLA is on sound financial footing for the 2024 treatment year.   The account balances were reviewed with the board and the TLA Treasurer’s report which includes the account balances and YTD 2024 income and expenses will be posted on the TLA website.  In addition to the TLA account balances, we will be receiving $75,000 from the DEEP AIS grant as well as potentially some surplus funds from the town lake management budget for FY 2024.  The TLA 2024 lake management budget is projected to be $250,000 for 2024 as compared to $169,000 for 2023. 

Jean added that TLA has applied for a credit card through NBT Bank that will be used by board members for online purchases. In addition, Jean has been pleased with the new accountant and our tax forms for 2023 have been filed.  

Russ and Bill will host a Zoom call on 5/28 at 7 PM  with West Twin residents to discuss West Twin lake management efforts. Russ reviewed the treatment maps for 3 invasives: milfoil, curly pondweed and hydrilla. Russ drew the board’s attention to the areas approved by DEEP as “treatable” as well as areas where we cannot treat due to the presence of rare plant species. NEAR will conduct a comprehensive aquatic plant survey in June which will provide up-to-date information regarding the efficacy of previous treatments as well as confirm locations of rare and endangered plants as well as invasive plants. This survey will inform future treatment plans and support the permitting process.  Russ communicated that there is no word yet from DEEP regarding the 2024 permit modification.

Adam Mayer, manager of the ramp monitor program, has hired 8 individuals to be the core monitors who will work at O’Hara’s on weekends and holidays.  The monitoring schedule is from 5 am to 7 pm, Friday through Sunday and all holidays.  All monitors are employees of the town of Salisbury.  For the past several weekends, the monitoring program has been undergoing a “soft launch” and, to date, only 1 boat out of approximately 70 has been resistant to receiving information or allowing a volunteer inspection of their boat. Most boaters and fishermen have been aware, open and interested in helping prevent the spread of hydrilla in our lakes. If anyone wants to volunteer to assist the paid monitors, contact Adam at

Grant reported that the integration of TLA systems and data by Deko Design has been an excellent experience. We have new membership and donation forms, added Stripe for a payment system and updated Mailchimp to allow for more frequent email communications and reduce TLA newsletters being routed to the spam folder. A “Save the Date” postcard will be mailed to TLA members about the upcoming membership meeting 6/22. Additional postcards will be available for door to door delivery in areas where we want to reach non-members.  A formal membership drive will begin in early June.  

Dan reports there are no communication issues at present and Erica is working on fundraising and community building ideas such as a twilight cruise taking place 7/20, as well as more community involvement in Twin Lakes Day 8/3.  

The TLA will be proposing numerous changes to the bylaws of the organization in keeping with the realities of the challenges we face today, including the significant increase in the cost of lake management.  A complete summary of the changes proposed to the bylaws was reviewed with the board and will be sent to the membership in early June for discussion and potential approval at the June meeting.  Look for a newsletter devoted to this topic.   

In addition, 2024 is a year of TLA board elections.  A nominating committee headed by Bill Barton was formed.  Three potential new board members have expressed interest and their names and bios will be published shortly for the membership to review.  Nominations to the TLA board will be formally accepted at the June meeting and voted upon at the August annual meeting.  All current board members but one have agreed to stay on the board for another term.  More information will be forthcoming in a TLA newsletter devoted to board elections.  

The board unanimously agreed to authorize a committee consisting of Carey Fiertz, Danny Vogus, David Mathus, Bill Barton and Grant Bogle to finalize both Director Liability Insurance and General Liability Insurance for the TLA.   This committee is authorized to proceed to bind coverage provided the cost remains in the estimated range of $2500 yearly.  

The meeting was adjourned after 80 minutes with Grant indicating that he will schedule another board meeting prior to the June 22 membership meeting. 

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