State Aims to Boost Bass Fishing

Bass are among the types of fish in Twin Lakes and that makes the area part of Connecticut’s proposed Bass Action Plan, which aims to improve “quality bass fishing opportunities.” According to the state: Bass provide ecological, social, and economic benefits and are a high priority management species.

The new draft Bass Action Plan builds on decades of research in Connecticut and elsewhere. The plan highlights specific actions that can be taken to sustain and improve bass fishing in Connecticut. Collaboration between the Fisheries Division and the anglers of Connecticut will be crucial in improving bass fishing in the years to come.
The state encourages you to register for a public informational session on July 12 from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Fisheries Division staff will provide an overview and answer questions. You are encouraged to submit feedback on the Bass Action Plan using this form.
With your feedback, the Fisheries Division will refine and finalize the draft Bass Action Plan. As a living document, the plan will continue to be updated in response to new scientific evidence, angler preferences, environmental conditions, levels of success achieved, and other factors. Here is an overview of the plan.

Lost and found: A white boat or couch cushion was found floating near 76 South Shore. It is pictured nearby. If this belongs to you please email Robbin at and make arrangements to claim it.

The zebra mussel menace has come to Twin Lakes and the TLA is monitoring the spread of this invasive species. There is little we can do about zebra mussels from a lake management perspective. But you can help avoid the spread of zebra mussels and protect your boat with some simple steps. If possible:

–Run your boat at least twice a week
–Lift the motor out of the water when not in use
–Wash the motor and hull with warm water

Lake associations and experts throughout the U.S. advise these and other measures detailed in the links provided. 

Minutes from the June 18 member meeting have been postedon the TLA website.

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