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The Exchange

The Exchange

For sale/lost & found

If you find that you have things of value that are no longer needed in your household, you may post them here–for sale or for free. It will reduce stress at the recycling center and, well, it’s just plain neighborly to offer the community a deal. This is also where you can post any items lost or found.

Please keep in mind that The Exchange is a service to the lake community; it is not a small-business opportunity. Items should be in good working order and priced to move. We won’t keep them up on the site longer than two weeks. The Exchange is managed by a paid administrator and we ask that you donate 10% to 15% of any proceeds to the TLA to help offset that expense. It is best to include photos along with a short description of any listed item and don’t forget your contact information.

If you are interested in an item on The Exchange you may find more information and photos by clicking on the item. Contact the individual offering the item directly.

Fill out the form below making certain to include a description of the item and your contact information. It is best to include a price.


16-foot wooden sailboat

16-foot Wooden Sailboat “Comet” with KaravanTrailer (YR 2005) Great Condition  $3,200– Garage Storage (maintained) Salisbury, CT 06068 Two Sails, Two Dagger Boards (Lead/Steel or Steel)  Long Story – Behind the “Airloom” from four owners – Restored ~ YR1990, 16 ftComet Class Hull #2264 Contact Rich

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