TLA Bi-Annual Meeting Minutes June 22, 2019


June 22, 2019

Meeting called to order at 10:00 AM at the Salisbury Town Hall by Carey Fiertz, President, with approximately 60 members in attendance. First order of business concerned issue of noise from boaters on the lake system. Signs recommended indicating that ‘sound travels over water, be considerate’ be placed in appropriate areas. Blake Morrison to lead committee. Fox feels we should have police patrol, however violators often appear after 11 PM.

Lynn Meehan and Jodi Luby have submitted their resignations from the Board.

Trooper Sorrell discussed police patrol on Twin Lakes. At present we have coverage Friday, Saturday and Sunday from late morning through early evening. It appears boaters tend to violate noise and other regulations later in the evening after those officers on patrol have gone home. It should be noted there is no noise ordinance in Salisbury but it is felt a police presence helps alleviate problems. Issues of concern should be handled by advising the State Police at 860 626-1820, option 7, or by dialing 911 in an emergency situation.

TREASURER’S REPORT: There have not been any invoices submitted thus far this year. Checking account stands at $64,559 and we have $60,000 in CDs.

HERBICIDES: Fiertz indicated Solitude did not file our application in a timely manner. However, DEEP now has the paperwork and treatment will follow shortly. Solitude has recommended we consider a new milfoil treatment known as Procellacor which is believed to last up to 4 years to replace the Diquat we have been treating milfoil with. The new treatment is substantially more expensive but will last longer, saving the town money in the larger picture. It should be noted Diquat will continue to be used for certain plants the new product will not handle. A committee consisting of Russell Conklin, Louis Fox and Bill Barton will focus on curly pond weed and lilies on West Twin.

Thanks were extended to the Neelys for their continued assistance in supplying water samples and information to the state.

TWIN LAKES DAY: August 3, 2019 has been set for Twin Lakes Day on Isola Bella.  While the TLA meeting is ordinarily held at 5 PM following the TLD event, the membership voted to hold annual meeting at 11:00AM.

HARVESTER: Cost for rental from the Town of Salisbury is $4,000 per week for work on our lake system. It is estimated it will take 4 weeks to complete the work and Salisbury School has agreed to pay half the expense. Fox recommended we put expenditure in motion form. MOTION by Bogle, SECOND by Haupt, UNANIMOUS to appropriate up to $10,000 from the TLA for completion of job.

SCIENCE PROGRAM: Thanks extended to Lynn Meehan for her efforts in the past for conducting course. Luby indicated she knew of someone who would take over the program.

BEARS: Public nuisance. Members were urged to keep their doors closed, refrain from using compost piles, storing garbage out of doors, and feeding birds until late fall.

With no further business to come before the meeting, it was adjourned at ll:10.    

Pat Miller, Secretary

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