TLA Minutes June 13, 2020

June 13, 2020

The meeting was called to order at 10 AM by President Carey Fiertz via Zoom. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we were unable to meet in person as an association.

TROOPER SORRELL: First on agenda. Trooper Sorrell had a last-minute conflict and was unable to join the meeting. Grant Bogle gave a short update on lake safety and noted that updated Twin Lakes Boating Rules have been approved by the DEEP and Trooper Sorrell and will be posted on the website.

FIRST SELECTMAN RAND: Tabled temporarily.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Jean Bell reported that from the period January 1 through June 12, 2020 we received $7,086 in dues and $9,120 in donations. Expenses for such items as beaver trapping, lake quality management and post office box rent totaled $6,714.32, leaving a balance of $70,697 with an additional $59,000 in CDs.
MEMBERSHIP: Susan Knight reported we currently have 205 members with more memberships coming in. Comparative figures from the same period in 2019 were unavailable.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT: We have received approval to treat the lake system with herbicides. Thanks were extended to Jeff Bravin, Bill Barton and Grant Bogle for their assistance. A stipulation is that the work be accomplished by July1. Pond and Lakes has scheduled treatment for Monday, June 29 and notices will be put up alerting lake residents and users.

Twin Lakes Day scheduled for August 8 at ASD. Masks and social distancing mandated. Questions arise for water activities, such as boat races and swim competition. A verbal survey that followed found many members opposed to the events. Therefore, it was determined we wait until a time closer to the function to make a firm decision regarding possible cancellation.
Peter and Cathy Neely were thanked for their extensive work on lake water quality monitoring. New equipment has been purchased that will alert us to harmful bacteria. Further information will be shared at August meeting. It was noted that the bacteria count has been well below state standards.

The public state boat launch has come under scrutiny because a large boulder has been removed aside, allowing boats to enter from that location. It has been determined that this occurred several years ago and thus, no further action will be taken by the TLA.

The Town of Salisbury weed harvester will be used on West Twin, the scope of which will be determined. The TLA contributed to the cost of harvesting on West Twin last year and has committed to doing so again this year. A motion for approval of this expense will be discussed at the August meeting.

Dan Kadlec is authoring a new newsletter for the TLA and work is commencing on redesigning the TLA website. It was also announced that the TLA will sponsor a lake centered photo contest for students under 16 years of age and the winner will receive a $50 prize. Details for participation will be in the newsletter.

Bears have been seen repeated around the lake and may be a public nuisance. Please keep all trash indoors or in a closed garage. Bird feeders are also a favorite item attracting bears. If necessary, sightings can be brought to the attention of DEEP at 860 424-3011. Their emergency phone number is 860 424-3333. See the latest newsletter for more information on bears.

Sea planes are not allowed to land on Twin Lakes per town ordinance. Question arose regarding helicopters hovering over lake and private helicopter pads on resident’s properties.

Nominating committee will present a slate of proposed officers at August meeting. Thanks were extended to Louis Fox and Jack Silliman who will both served the TLA for many years and will step down from the Board in August. Nominations for executive officers are as follows: President Grant Bogle; Vice President Bill Barton; Secretary Pat Miller; Treasurer Jean Bell.

FIRST SELECTMAN RAND: At present, there is no public entry into Town Hall, however employees are inside and able to assist via the telephone in the lobby. Many permit applications and other information can be obtained in the lobby or on the website. Transfer station stickers will be available July 6th and can be obtained on-line or in the foyer. The fee is $100 per family with a second sticker fee of $40 when necessary. The new transfer station is scheduled to open in August.

Salisbury is conducting a revaluation of properties this year. There will be no change in the mill rate. A question was raised regarding lake height. The gate that controls the height is managed by the town of Salisbury and it was noted that they try to keep the lake at a height that is one inch above the first step on the boat house on East Twin. This is not always possible given changes in weather and also the need to ensure that rare species below our lakes are protected by constant water flow.
Salisbury sponsors an eight-week summer youth job program available for 25 students. Curtis Rand stressed the importance of this program for the community and our youth. Funding the program continues to be a priority.

With no additional business to come before the meeting, it was adjourned at 11:01 AM.

Pat Miller

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