Volunteers Clear Passageway

With sticks and logs piling up between the lakes, a small group of volunteers recently spent several hours cleaning debris from the passageway. The narrow waterway flowing beneath two bridges is an important link between the lakes, allowing free movement of water toward the channel and easy passage for kayaks, canoes and other small boats.

This is a favorite area for beaver, which find it to be a convenient place to build dams. Twin Lakes Association director E
ric Stoer, a member of the lake committee, led the effort with help from TLA board member Rich Haupt, and Russ Conklin and Chris Gunderson. Other areas in the lakes lend themselves to this type of volunteer effort. The TLA plans to organize more volunteer days in the future. Please stay tuned.

There are two items listed on The Exchange page of the new website. One is a 16-foot wooden sailboat; the other an Estey pump organ. Check them out and make an offer if you like what you see.

First Selectman Curtis Rand met with the outreach committee of the Twin Lakes Association board (Bill Barton, Grant Bogle, Jeff Bravin, Carey Fiertz) via zoom. Rand is a long-time community resident and supporter of the lake. Under discussion were issues related to lake management, interactions between the state regulatory bodies, the town and the lake community, the increased traffic on the lake this year and resulting concerns over safety, noise, and litter. We will continue to engage with the town this winter and we hope that by spring we can share specific steps being taken to address the challenges that many of you have voiced over the summer.   

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