Weed Treatment Expected Tomorrow

The annual herbicide treatment on Twin Lakes is down to the wire again this year. It is scheduled for Wednesday, June 30 (tomorrow). But there have been delays at the state level and we do not yet have final approval of our treatment map. The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has said that the pandemic left it short staffed and that Twin Lakes has so many endangered plants that this is always a complicated application. This has become a yearly issue for Twin Lakes, which is regularly among the last of some 400 lakes in the state to get approval.

Our application with DEEP essentially replicates what was done last year. It was filed in a timely manner and we expected it to be approved long before now. We have asked our state representative, Maria Horn, to intercede on an emergency basis because the state deadline for this treatment is June 30. We may need to file for an extension. We hope the approval is forthcoming today or tomorrow and we can proceed. Signs will be going up around the water this afternoon. But with the short lead time involved we thought sending a copy of the sign would be helpful to the membership. Sorry for the short notice. We are working with Rep. Horn and others to create a quicker pathway to approval next year and beyond.
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