Weed Treatment June 16

To keep invasive weeds under control, the lakes will be treated on June 16 beginning at about 1 p.m. The herbicide being applied is Tribune, also known as Diquat. This is the same treatment the Twin Lakes Association has used for years. ProcellaCor, a longer lasting treatment, is not in the mix this time around.

The primary areas to be treated are the familiar places where Eurasian milfoil is most prevalent: the North cove, near the marina, and parts of the second lake near the channel. The treatment is a bit earlier this year, thanks to the TLA’s new and ongoing effort to stay in close contact with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. The earlier treatment should yield better results.

There are no restrictions for recreational activities on the water but DEEP suggests waiting two weeks before using lake water for gardening and watering landscaped areas.
A potential new invasive weed has come to the TLA’s attention. On May 18, two water chestnut seeds were found on the dock at the marina’s boat launch. An immediate inspection of the area did not turn up any living plants. Of greatest concern is that these seeds come from a larger seed pod that was not found. So, they may have floated away and deposited seeds elsewhere. These seeds are viable for five years.

Lake goers should be aware of this potential invasive weed (pictured nearby) and if you find one, or the pod, please dispose of it in the garbage—not in a mulch pile where it might find its way back to the water.
It is possible a bird left the seeds behind. But the most likely source is a boat that launched at the marina. If you find one be careful picking it up as they have sharp spines. A photo should be sent for documentation to DEEP.AquaticInvasiveReport@ct.gov

It is widely believed that the zebra mussels now posing a heightened concern in the lakes first came in through boats launched at the marina or the state launch nearby. The TLA investigated a boat wash two decades ago. That effort was fruitless. But the board is in preliminary discussions about possibly renewing the effort.

There were two basic problems then, and they remain:
–We have an open ramp after hours at the marina. So, there is no one to enforce cleaning before entering the water. We also have a state launch that is never manned.
–We would need additional screening to keep whatever gets washed off a boat from entering the water. 
Reminder that we have scheduled a membership meeting at 10 a.m. on June 18 at Isola Bella. Tim Abbott, director at the Housatonic Valley Association Regional Land Conservation, will speak about best practices for maintaining the health of the lakes. These practices are not just for waterfront properties. Runoff into the lakes comes from lands far and wide. 

The meeting agenda will include discussions around issues including lake water levels, police patrols, weed management, and noise pollution on the water.
Time to pay annual dues. Many members have already paid the annual $25 fee, per person, to join the TLA and have a vote that helps set the direction of the board as it weighs priorities and strategies. If you have not yet paid, please do so before the June 18 membership meeting. You can pay via the TLA website or by mailing a check. Information can be found on the website.
This year’s photo contest theme is “activities.” We are looking for great pictures of people doing whatever they enjoy doing throughout the lake area: hiking, skiing, tubing, cycling, gardening, kayaking, fishing, etc. Please describe where the photo was taken. Winning shots will be displayed on the home page of the TLA website.

This contest is open to residents, members, and visitors—in other words, everyone. We offer $50 prizes for the two best shots. Photos must have been taken within the 12 months ending Aug. 1 and submitted no later than Aug. 1. You can submit by replying to this email or, preferably, by posting on Instagram using #TLAphoto22 or tagging TwinLakesAssociation.

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