Meeting Minutes Aug. 7, 2021



August 7, 2021

Meeting called to order by President Grant Bogle at Isola Bella.  He welcomed the 45 members in attendance and reviewed the agenda to be covered during the meeting.

LAKE MANAGEMENT:   Bill Barton, Executive Vice President, indicated herbicide treatment was accomplished on July 21 and not earlier in the season because DEEP approval was evidently held up due to the number of rare plants we have in our lakes and the fact that DEEP staff remains very short-handed. He stated a rare plant study committee will be formed for future management.  It has been determined ProcellaCOR is more effective than Diquat, despite the elevated cost, although the latter may still be used in specific areas.  Hydro-raking has been done in the channel.  A mandated snail report was accomplished last year.  Grant money to complete another rare plant study has been received from DEEP who had a $350,000 fund.  We received a 70% reimbursement on the $10,500 cost from the State. Eel grass is prolific in some areas but is harmless. The committee is looking into methods to deal with eel grass that will not influence invertebrates.

TREASURER’S REPORT:   Jean Bell, Treasurer, indicated a balance of $80,000 in our checking account and $69,000 in CDs for total funds on hand at $149,000.  Major expenditures include payments for the one-time purchase of equipment for water quality testing on West Twin, lake preservation, and communications.   

MEMBERSHIP:  Susan Knight reported we have 360 members, with 155 applications received from the Twin Lakes Beach Club. There is an extensive list of former members who appear not to have paid their current dues, but the list may be incomplete.  This will be followed up by the membership committee. 

COMMUNICATIONS:  Dan Kadlec indicated the website is looking good.  He indicated a professional photographer, Zac Staffiere, won the photo contest. Second place went to Rachel Vogus. He further stated he is always looking for stories and information to post and indicated John O’Hara was recently interviewed. 

Further we were informed by Board Director for Science and Education Jackie Blombach the book ‘A Summer Place’ written by Patricia Carroll Shuss, a Twin Lakes resident, has been completed and is now available through Amazon.

ASD: Jeff Bravin of the External Relations committee is pleased to report the milfoil is gone from the ASD shoreline following ProcellaCOR, a treatment that will hopefully last for several years. The ASD hopes to raise $400,000 toward their renovation/improvement project.  Grant asked the TLA community to hopefully contribute $150,000 toward that goal.

Per Bogle, the issue of wetlands regulations continues.  He indicated lake patrols and random timing coverage is working well and begins at 5PM or later.  Twin Lakes Day is under the direction of Justin Meyer.  Knight is stepping down from the Board after serving for ten years.  She was thanked and presented with a card and gift certificate by TLA President Bogle. Terry Cohen and Eric Stoer will take over her duties. Twin Lakes hats and T-shirts are available at a cost of $20 each.

With no further business to come before the meeting, it was adjourned at 10:50 AM.

Pat Miller, Secretary








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